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Welcome to the ANC North/South Runway Renewal Project

Project Information

View the 2018-2019 Construction Update Video.

Alaska DOT&PF, in partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), will renew the North/South Runway at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC).

As the main runway at ANC, the North/South Runway is critical infrastructure for Alaskan air travel and for supporting the 5th busiest cargo airport in the world. The ANC North/South Runway Renewal project is improving airport efficiency and safety by replacing the aging pavement and widening the runway to comply with new design standards that are needed to accommodate the largest cargo airplanes in the world.

Construction Schedule

2019: The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities will rehabilitate and widen the remaining portion of the North/South Runway. The magnitude of this construction effort will require a full runway closure April through October. During construction, all air traffic will be shifted to the east/west runways. Most arrivals will land from the west, and most departures will take off to the east, creating a temporary increase in air traffic and noise over the city. Airport operations and noise levels will return to normal upon completion of the project in October 2019. Every effort is being made to reduce noise and impacts to local residents.

Noise Maps

The noise maps below do not represent the increase in noise that is being experienced throughout Anchorage, but rather represent the areas that are experiencing noise levels of 65 DNL and higher, which has been identified as an important threshold by FAA for incompatible land uses. The airport recognizes the increased aircraft noise in areas outside the noise contours shown on the maps.

During construction of the north-south runway, all ANC aircraft will utilize the east-west runways. This will temporarily increase the number of departures and arrivals over properties east of the airport and will increase aircraft noise.

In order to identify more precisely where the noise will increase and how much additional noise should be expected, DOT&PF worked with Mead & Hunt to conduct noise modeling. Mead & Hunt modeled noise impacts for two scenarios: during construction and after the project is completed.

The following maps illustrate the noise modeling results. Day Night Average Sound Level (DNL) is the FAA required metric for determining noise exposure. The 65 DNL noise contour and higher represents non-compatible land uses (such as residences, schools, churches, etc.).

The yellow line represents the existing 65 DNL noise contour. The red dashed line represents the 65 DNL noise contour change as a result of this project.  For more information on the noise modeling, please refer to the Final EA and Appendix C.

Temporary Impacts During Construction
Note the increase in aircraft noise over properties east of the airport.

Post Construction
When construction is complete, noise levels will be nearly identical to pre-construction conditions.


During Construction:

Post Construction:

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